Hodjapasha Culture Center won The Tourism Awards 2010 of The Federation of Turkish Tourist Guide Associations in best local authentic event category. Awards ceremony held in Haliç Congress Center on February 21st and Mr. Erdoğan Günay , Minister of Culture and Tourism has handed the awards to the winners himself.

Exploring the mystery and intrigue of Istanbul with its locals, CNNGo visited Hodjapasha and witnessed The Mevlevi Sema Ceremony. The program was on air December 9 and 10 2010 on CNN International.


Hodjapasha : Winner of TUREB’S Tourism Award 2010 / Best Local Authentic Events

This Culture Center is located at the center of Historical peninsula of Istanbul and was converted from a 550 years old historical turkish bath called Hocapaşa Hamamı in 2008. It was originally built by Hoca Sinan Paşa who was a teacher and later vizier to Fatih Sultan Mehmet during 1470’s. It was a double bath for both men and women. It was comperatively a big bath with high dome, made of cut stone and also corner walls were designed like a peacock tail. This building served as a Turkish bath till 1988. Location of the area is called Sirkeci which is next to Topkapı Palace Walls , Sirkeci Train Station formerly known also as Orient Express Train Station and Sultanahmet Area.